Celebrate Preteens’ Doubt? (w/ Gregg Johnson)

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Gregg Johnson, of J12 Ministry, says, “Don’t just tolerate doubt. Celebrate it.”

As preteens move beyond the blanket acceptance of moral judgement and start to grapple with owning faith for themselves, doubts will almost certainly rise. When preteens start to express doubt, many times leaders don’t know what to do with that, and often, they’ll just shut it down. However, if there’s no room for doubts, there’s no room for true faith.

Because of this amazing dynamic, preteen ministry can be one of the most exciting places to serve. When preteens express doubt, we can celebrate, knowing that they are taking steps toward faith ownership.

On today’s podcast, Gregg discusses this concept and gives two activities that you can use to create an environment where preteen’s doubts aren’t just tolerated, but celebrated.

Gregg will join the amazing line up this April for the Preteen Leaders’ Online Conference.

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