This is what engaged looks like. It was not staged. It was taking place, so I quickly asked Trenton to film what was happening with his phone.

Often I forget the value of DOING. But DOING is one of the most engaging and effective teachers, especially for preteens. DOING helps preteens to know that they are actually able to do what they are learning. DOING helps preteens to know what the thing they are learning about feels like, to conceptualize the abstract.

If I am teaching preteens to read the Bible, or pray, or worship, I have to remember to leave plenty of time during service for them to actually DO the thing I’m talking about whenever it’s feasible.

This past Sunday (the video above) is an example of this. It is a lesson from the 100% series, the May, 2017 series from Deeply Rooted about worship. In this series, preteen learn a bunch of different reasons to worship God with 100% of their being. They also learn a variety of ways to worship God, including this lesson’s focus, worship through creation.

But the lesson doesn’t stop there! The preteens, after being instructed in what worship is and why worship is appropriate and right, are given an opportunity to actually DO! To worship through creation. The video above shows the results.

What are you teaching next? Could you include DOING as part of the service? For our preteens, it could mean the difference between “in one ear and out the other” and “owning it!”