Friend-To-Friend Invites

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Today on the podcast, Sean shares some information from Jake Morgan’s breakout session during the Preteen Online Leaders Conference last week regarding how shape and design can change the effectiveness of your invitations to preteen events.

Postcards are not an exciting way of inviting people to special events. According to Jake, preteens need a baby step to help them invite their friends to special events in your ministry. We need one simple thing that is valuable that they will be willing and excited to pass on to their friends.

For their special event, they gave their regular attending preteens postcards with all the details but they made special VIP passes for them to give to their friends to invite them to come. Those passes are pictured in the image for this great idea. They looked like a real ticket to a big event. Offering these special passes for the students to hand to their friends allowed them to be a part of making the event a success and gave them something of value that they were excited to share with their friends.

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