Going to a Conference

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Today on the podcast, Sean speaks with Amanda Davis and Kathy Pitrat from Mt Zion UMC in Bel Air, Maryland about learning at conferences and implementing that information.

A conference is not like anything else you might do to get ideas for your ministry. By setting aside time away from distractions you are able to take in so much more. They started by thinking it was a luxury to be given the opportunity to attend the conference but later realized it was really a necessity. They came away from the conference with a bunch of ideas that were very doable and a very quick change.

Upon returning from the conference they offer some of the ideas that they were able to put into practice. Two things they learned and took away including allowing the preteens to make decisions and be leaders over an aspect of your ministry as well as developing relationships with the preteens through simple things like games and question of the day. Conferences are beneficial when you can take what you learned while attending and turn around and implement it into your ministry upon return.

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