How to Let Go of the Bike, Part 4

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When we make space for preteens to ask questions, they do.  But our inclination can be to ANSWER these questions.  Instead, to help preteens to own their faith, here are three things to do when preteens ask questions:

  • Ask them to answer the question themselves, and affirm or correct the answer with scripture.
  • Ask their peers to help answer the question, and affirm or correct the answer with scripture.
  • Listen to the question to understand the need being expressed by the preteen behind the question, and then address that (aka Jesus’ M.O.)


Today’s podcast is part four of a six-part series with practical and general suggestions on how you can “Let Go of the Bike and Run Alongside”.

Here is an outline for this series:

  1. Give choices
  2. Give power
  3. Ask questions
  4. Listen to their questions
  5. Make space for mistakes and unexpected happenings
  6. Be prepared to confront doubt and misconceptions

As an additional resource for today’s topic, check out the article written by J.C. Thompson entitled “Why – When Preteens Ask Questions”.

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