How to Let Go of the Bike, Part 5

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Today’s podcast is part five of a six-part series with practical and general suggestions on how you can “Let Go of the Bike and Run Alongside”.

Here is an outline for this series:

  1. Give choices
  2. Give power
  3. Ask questions
  4. Listen to their questions
  5. Make space for mistakes and unexpected happenings
  6. Be prepared to confront doubt and misconceptions

This episode is about a mindset that is necessary for people letting go of the bike. It’s something we have discussed before in “Tigers Welcome”. Successful preteen ministry requires leaders to be comfortable with wobbliness…because if we are letting go to a bike for the first time, we have to expect wobbly riders.

Do you have a story of a “wobbly rider” in your preteen ministry? Share your story below.

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