It’s Time to Put On Your Thinking Cap! Which One Though?

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Sometimes, we can beat ourselves up over what happened on a Sunday morning or at an event, but what we really need is just a systematic and meaningful way to process (even when things go well).

See – there are really three services each Sunday:

  1. The one we planned
  2. The one that happens
  3. The one we wish had happened

When a service or event is over, is it over? Or do you process what’s happened in order to evaluate and plan future services and event. If so, how do you go about processing all the different ideas that are floating around in your mind?

Today on the podcast, we discuss a way of thinking about thinking. J The Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono gives you a way of understanding how to process and plan. This amazing strategy can be used by yourself or with volunteers.

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