INCM’s New Commitment to Preteen Ministry


The International Network of Children’s Ministry has focused our efforts in training and conferencing to serve children’s and family ministry leaders over the last 35 years.

Last year at the Children’s Pastors Conferences, we heard something unique. People started asking the same question over and over again. They expressed a similar need.

The number one question we received from our network was: “What do I do about the tweens in my ministry?”

We started doing the research and found that across the country, more than half of the churches designated ministry to tweens under children’s ministry. “I’m losing them” was the refrain. “They are bored” was the theme.

Our ministry leadership felt God calling us to something bigger, something new. We made a decision – ignoring tweens or only paying lip service to this ministry area would be part of INCM’s past, not our future.

So we have partnered with tween ministry experts and created a pre-conference track specifically about ministry to tweens and invited others to provide breakouts on topics aimed at tween ministry. We will cover topics like tween sexuality, diversity, and gender confusion. We are committed to the next generation and equipping those who will lead the next generation.

You’re reading this because you love tweens. So do I. There are two of them in my house. When I look at my daughters (ages 9 and 10), my desire as a dad is to see them learn to love Christ with their whole being. In order to see that happen – it will take all of us. Children’s ministry leaders. Middle school ministry leaders. All of us.

Let’s do this.

Matt Guevara is the Executive Director of the International Network of Children’s Ministry. With two tween girls in the house, there’s plenty of drama – but mostly because Matt is dancing to Silento and embarrasing everyone. Visit to learn more about CPC.

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