Large and Small Group Leaders’ Training: The Power of Questions


Jesus asked questions when he was revealing truth to people. He asked over 300 in the Gospels! QUESTIONS are a powerful tool of discipling, and in this training, your leaders will learn how to better use this “underused” tool to raise the value of your ministry to preteen.

This training has the potential to revolutionize how leaders interact with preteens in your ministry. This training will positively affect how preteens in your ministry act and engage with each other, your leaders, and Jesus.

In this training, your leaders will learn:

  1. Six different levels of questions, and how to know when to use each type to go deeper with preteens
  2. How to use questions to help with discipline issues
  3. How to use questions to draw preteens into a closer relationship with Christ
  4. How to use questions to help preteens own their own faith and walk

You can use this training several different ways:

  • Have an in person meeting with your entire leadership team. Use all 4 sections for a 60-90 minute training.
  • E-mail the 4 videos over the course of a month to your leaders. Have them respond to the discussion questions on a FaceBook page that you set up for your ministry team.
  • Use the videos at 20 minute weekly gatherings with your leaders.
  • Watch the videos yourself, then reteach what you learned to your leaders in whatever format works best for you.

When you purchase this training, you’ll immediately receive:

  • All 4 training videos (each approx. 10 minutes in length)
  • 4 discussion starters, corresponding to each training video
  • Printable handouts to go with each training topic

Order today and Start Asking Better Questions