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Likening is something that Jesus taught us to do. He was a master at taking abstract, lofty ideas and teaching us about it by saying what it’s like. His parables, his teaching, and his figures of speech demonstrated how likening can be a powerful tool to connect people with deep subjects.

The great likener, C.S. Lewis, used stories. Tim Cleary, from The Aetherlight, uses a video game.

On today’s podcast, Sean talks with Matthijs Vlaardingerboek, a master likener who uses object lessons to connect kids to Biblical truths.

Sean and Matthijs discuss the idea of likening in greater depth, and Matt shares 2 of his favorite “moments of likening” from his time as a kid’s ministry leader.

Matthijs has developed a website,, which has over 400+ free object lessons and creative teaching elements. Check his resource out! You can be a likener, too.

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