Many preteen girls love the mall. Many preteen boys like competition. Mall Madness gives you an opportunity to have a fun event that has both! A scavenger hunt (or shopping list) at the mall can be a great event after an outreach Sunday. “Bring your friends to church and afterward we’ll be going to the mall for a scavenger hunt.” Today, you’ll hear some organizational ideas that can help you to plan your very own “Mall Madness”.

By the way, have you heard all the big news about next week?

  • Chirst in Youth’s Patrick Snow is offering a free luncheon and training on The Bike in Sacramento, California on May 19th. Just contact C.I.Y. at 417-781-2273 to sign up.
  • THE MAP goes live on May 21st, God willing!
  • All the information about r2A will be announced next week as well! Woohoo!

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Ever done a scavenger hunt at the mall?  Share your experience below.

Also, for those who are interested, here are the rules and clues that we used in one year of mall madness: