Money Saving Ideas for Preteen Ministry

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Today on the podcast, Sean and Dayna talk about money saving techniques when buying things for your ministry.

They discuss how saving money can allow you to extend the money that you have allowing you to do more with what you have as well as being good stewards with the churches money. Dayna explains that familiarizing yourself with the needs of your ministry so that when you find things on sale you can buy it even if it is a couple months out until you need it. If you wait until it is to late you will pay whatever to get the items, you need. Joining email lists can be another great benefit for saving money. Familiarizing yourself with the local dollar store can be such a great benefit because sometimes they have stuff you might not think they would have. Finally making sure that your ministry space is also organized will allow you to know what you have so you aren’t purchasing items that you already have but didn’t know where they were.

The main point here to take away is think before you buy and purchase the items at the lowest costs possible.

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