Not Just In-beTWEEN (w/ Tim Cleary)

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So many churches don’t know how to deal with “in-beTWEENers” or preteens. They view them as simply a problem to solve for a short time until they get out of the inbeTWEEN waiting place that they view the preteen years to be.

But Tim Cleary, a worldbuilder for The Aetherlight, has some different ideas about the super important life stage that preteens are in. He has been learning that we should view the preteen years as a unique time in life, when they have a special opportunity to be “an example to all believers”.

Preteens aren’t “in-between”; they are right where God wants them to be.

Join Tim as he unpacks this idea and helps us understand what it means practically as leaders at the Preteen Leaders Online Conference on April 3rd and 4th.