Online Training and Conferences

Currently, FourFiveSix is offering the following online trainings and conferences (see all in-person trainings):

The Launchinar: a great starting point…for those who are just starting out in preteen ministry.

The 2019 Online Preteen Ministry Leaders’ Conference: An online conference for preteen ministry leaders – February 21-22, 2019.

Relationship-Based Discipline: a “do it yourself” training course with a ton of resources and ideas to go through on your own or with your volunteer team.

Starting a Student Leadership Program: a “do it yourself” training course to help you get a student leadership program off the ground for your group.

HOW to Let Go of the Bike: a “do it yourself” training course to help you create a ministry where preteens OWN their faith for themselves.

The Power of Questions: a 4-part video training series for you and your Small Group leaders to go through together. Learn how to unleash the power of an often underused, readily available resource: QUESTIONS.

Get recordings from the 2018 Onference, additional HOURS of informative content for you and your team.

Get all 55 recordings from the 2016&2017 Onference, and you’ll have HOURS of great content to train yourself or a team.