Prepare for Spiritual Battle

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Today on the podcast, Sean discusses the idea of recognizing there are potential spiritual battles taking place in the hearts of everyone walking in to service.

Sean discussed a battle that he recognized this last Sunday in Elevate. He spent some time in the Word and praying that morning before service. He walked into the room and could sense something taking place that he could not visually see. There are many Sundays and Wednesdays that he doesn’t feel anything but this specific day he knew there was a spiritual battle taking place. Sean delivered a salvation message, went completely away from the scheduled message, because of what he was sensing. After talking about sin and asking if the preteens had sinned, all preteens raised their hands except one girl. This one girl in all honesty believed she was perfect. After the service getting a little of course, things did a 180 by the end of the day. That preteen girl actually was smiling and admitted she was a sinner and that she was accepted into Christ’s family that day.

The curriculum and lessons that you have planned to bring your preteens in is great. Let’s pray though that our eyes would be open to the spiritual battles taking place in the lives of the preteens we minister too.

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