Preservice Crafts that Kill

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Think crafts as part of preservice are too babyish for preteens? Think they’re too messy? That crafts only appeal to the girls? That they take to long? We invite you to think again.

Preservice crafts are “killin’ it” in preteen ministries across the nation. Today on the podcast Sean and Jaime share tips and tricks of having crafts that raise the value of your preservice time, too.

Having diverse, engaging preservice activities can make the time leading up to service enjoyable for all students. A craft station can be fun for both girls and boys. Because many preteens like to express themselves creatively, a craft station can be just the thing to engage them from the moment they arrive at your ministry. A craft that is centered around the theme of the lesson can impact how a student connects to the lesson. They have a reminder, that they made themselves, of the day’s theme. A craft can be one of the best take-home pieces that you give a student.

We’d love to hear what you are doing for preservice crafts. What have been your most engaging crafts for preteens? Share your ideas in the comment section below or by e-mailing