Preteen Ministry Curriculum: Deeply Rooted

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I am thrilled to introduce you to a new kind of curriculum, which has been designed specifically for preteens: The DEEPLY ROOTED preteen curriculum.

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Here’s why I’m so excited about Deeply Rooted:

Before now, there have been some great lessons, series, and curriculums for preteens. But I have yet to see something that is as complete, flexible, and intentional as Deeply Rooted.

Some curriculum was written primarily for younger kids or older kids, and then was simply modified to try and fit preteens. On the other hand, Deeply Rooted is written specifically for preteens.

Some curriculum lacks an overarching scope, sequence, and flow. You might be able to find a 4-week series on one thing and a 6-week series on something else, but the two series have no connections to each other. Deeply Rooted is a 104 week curriculum, written with enough variety to keep it interesting, but also with an overarching scope and sequence in mind.

Some curriculum was written for small preteen ministries and is really difficult to use with a larger ministry. And vise versa. Some of the curriculum requires use of video….or doesn’t offer a video component at all. Deeply Rooted offers ways to use the curriculum with small and large ministries alike, and comes with media options that will enhance the lesson, but offers alternatives for those without the capability to use these.

Some curriculum is shallow, grazing the surface and not challenging preteens to be immersed in the Bible at an age-appropriate depth. Other curriculum is “boring”, because it’s written primarily lecture style. Deeply Rooted strikes the balance between depth and engagement, being both interesting to preteens and challenging. And Deeply Rooted helps preteens to actually live out what they are learning, too, with take-home pieces that make the learning that happens in church just the beginning of the adventure.

Some curriculum lacks a parent connection piece, leader prep material, and social media engagement elements. Deeply Rooted has all of these.

Beyond all this, there are some unique and innovative features with this curriculum:

  1. The Deeply Rooted curriculum will tie your preteen ministry into the world-wide community of preteen ministries with two really interesting components (note: these are optional components for ministries that are using the curriculum according to the suggested time-line):
    •  Responsive Lessons. Some of the lessons in this curriculum involve response pieces from everybody who is using the curriculum. The responses are gathered from all ministries and then used to affect future lessons. For instance, in the “Blue Ocean” quarter, there is a contest which will take place between all ministries using the curriculum, and the winner will be chosen by all the ministries using the curriculum. Check out to find out more about this fun element.
    • The Weekly Lesson Review (WLR).   If you choose to use the WLR, you’ll have a chance to have an online meeting each Tuesday with me and others who are using the curriculum, to discuss how the previous lesson went and to help each other prepare for the upcoming lesson with suggestions, questions, and modifications.
  2. The Deeply Rooted curriculum will evolve as it is used. When you buy a quarter of the curriculum, you get access to updated versions of that quarter of the curriculum for a nominal fee. The curriculum will be updated every two years as leaders using the curriculum provide feedback, and as cultural references change.
  3. The Deeply Rooted curriculum is “Community Driven”. From the beginning, this curriculum is the product of a community of ministry leaders. Before anything was decided about this curriculum, a survey was conducted to decide the direction of the curriculum. Throughout the development of the curriculum, preteen ministry leaders will provide input and suggestions to make the curriculum a product of the community. Over a dozen preteen ministry leaders are directly involved in the development of the curriculum.
  4. The Deeply Rooted curriculum offers a “Complete Supply Delivery Option”. With each quarter, you can pay an additional fee and all the materials you’ll need for small group activities, games, object lessons, etc. will be mailed to you.

So…now, perhaps, you can see why I’m thrilled to introduce the curriculum to you.  Here’s an overview:


The Deeply Rooted Preteen Ministry Curriculum is:

  • Deep…Taking Preteens to a new depth in their relationship with God and others.
  • Engaging…Fun, Hands-on, and Practical Lessons that are Bible-rich and keep preteens’ attention.
  • Life-Changing…As Preteens engage and go deeper on their Christian journey, their lives will bear visible fruit.
  • Flexible…Easily adaptable content for whatever your ministry situation is – no matter how big or how small.
  • Long-Term…While never becoming boring, recurring concepts and a well thought out scope and sequence will tie Week #1 of the curriculum with Week #100.

The Deeply Rooted Preteen Ministry Curriculum equips you as you help your preteens to:

  • connect with God:
    • through His Word
    • through worship
    • through prayer
    • through Christian doctrine and disciplines
  • connect with others:
    • family
    • authorities
    • friends and peers
    • enemies/bullies
  • connect with themselves:
    • their emotions
    • their questions and thoughts
    • their identity and value
    • their faith

The Deeply Rooted Preteen Ministry Curriculum has:

  • Relevant Topics based on input from the students.
  • Large Group/Small Group Format that can adjust to just Large Group or just Small Group depending on your group’s size and situation.
  • Engaging Components for each service:
    • Memorable Object Lessons
    • Experiential Learning Components:
    • Discussion and Activity Starters for Small Group Times
    • Engaging Activities that connect preteens to the messages
    • Fresh Media Options that support and reinforce what’s being taught
    • Suggestions for Music and Worship Songs for each lesson
    • Student Response Activities in each lesson.
  • Elements that go beyond your weekly services:
    • Leader Prep Material to prepare you and your volunteers for the upcoming service topics
    • Pre-service Activities for each lesson.
    • Parent Connection Piece
    • Take-Home Challenge Component
    • Social Media Element

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There are 8 quarters of DEEPLY ROOTED

Want to see the 2-year scope and sequence? CLICK HERE

“Blue Ocean” Quarter (for use Sept – Nov ’16; AVALIABLE NOW); See the overview.

“Silver Mountain” Quarter (for use Dec ’16 – Feb ’17; AVAILABLE NOW); See the overview.

“Green Valley” Quarter (for use Mar – May ’17; Available starting Jan, 2017)

“Yellow Desert” Quarter (for use June – Aug ’17; Available starting March, 2017)

“Red Cliffs” Quarter (for use Sept – Nov ’17; Available starting June, 2017)

“Purple Meadow” Quarter (for use Dec ’17 – Feb ’18; Available starting Sept, 2017)

“White Snowcaps” Quarter (for use Mar – May ’18; Available starting Dec, 2017)

“Orange Canyon” Quarter (for use June – Aug ’18; Available starting March, 2018)

View the Pricing Structure for Deeply Rooted.