Preteen Ministry Game: Marshmallow War

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Last week in Elevate preteen ministries, the lesson was based on Romans 1:21-23, where it talks about men replacing God with things other than God. During the lesson, a marshmallow was the example of a thing that was replacing God.

So the team in Elevate put together a pre-service time with marshmallow themed activities, and which culminated in a boys vs. girls marshmallow war.

The marshmallow war is one part “Capture the Flag”, one part “Dodge Ball”, and one part crazy preteen chaos.

The field is split in half with cones. Boys on one side; girls on the other. Two hats are placed on the boys’ side in a “safety zone”, and two hats are likewise placed on the girls’ side.

The object for everybody is to get the hats from the opposite side and bring them back without being “tagged” by a marshmallow.

In the four corners of the field are leaders with a bucket of flour and a bag of marshmallows, two on the boys’ side and two on the girls’. Students can run and get a marshmallow from a leader on their side whenever they please, dip it in the flour, and throw it at an “invader” from the opposite team.

If anybody is on the opponents’ side and gets hit by a marshmallow, they have to return immediately to their own side and touch their “safety zone” before returning to the game.

The marshmallow war is a blast!

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