Preteen Pajama Party

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Today on the podcast, Sean discusses a pajama party event idea.

The main point: put your trust and hope in God and rest in him.

Using the pajama party idea, allowed for a fun and memorable way to bring this message to the preteens. By setting up the chairs/couches in the room around a large octogon of painter’s tape also allowed for a “caged” pillow fight for the opening game.

After the game, the lesson set-up asked the kids about resting and safety.

The preteens were given little pillowcases the size of two post-it notes side by side that Jaime White had sown for the preteens. There was a large circle on one side that the preteens wrote what makes them feel safe inside that circle, and then shared these things with their small groups.

After small group time the preteens returned and using the pillows from the pillow fight Sean was able to write down examples from the preteens of what things made them feel safe. One student said God, which Sean wrote on a different colored pillow case. He piled all the pillows in the middle of the “octogon” and explained how these pillows are having a “pillow fight” in order to be the one that each of us rests on. Then the preteens discussed why the “GOD Pillow” was the best place to put their trust and looked at supporting verses.

Looking back at the pillowcases, they took that circle where they had written things that make them feel safe, and turned the circle into an “O” in their minds. Then, they used a pen to add a “G” before and “D” after the “O”.

A Response Time was set up similar to a build a bear, and the students put a heart inside their pillow case, stuffed them, and sealed them to create their own a pillow. The students were able to take these pillows home with them to remember whom they needed to rest in.

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