2017 Preteen Onferece Recordings

23 Recordings


The Sessions:

Here are the 22 Sessions that we recorded from the "Onference". Watch recordings of all 22 amazing sessions by CLICKING HERE.

1. Living Authentically - Melissa McDonald 

2. Developing a student leadership program – Sean Sweet

3. The real value of road trips, both literal and imaginative - Mike Sheley

4. Preparing preteens parents for social media and the e-world – Chip Henderson 

5. Preteen Ministry Strategies for Small Churches – Heather Dunn

6. “Great Question!” Crafting Questions that Spark Spiritual Growth – Mark Friestad 

7. Cool Rules, Lame Drools: Worship for Preteens - Yancy

8. Helping Preteens Navigate Doubt and Unbelief – Gregg Johnson

9. Transitioning to from preteen/elementary to middle school/youth – Robert Quinn 

10. Preteens WILL worship! Even the boys. – Sean Sweet 

11. Camp is not about Camp: Thinking strategically about events at 30,000 feet - Mike Sheley 

12. Understanding the Changes and Struggles of Adolescence – Matt Morgan

13. How to Make Your Preteen Events “On Mission” – Jake Morgan

14. Helping Preteens Prepare for the Mad, Sad and Glad seasons of life coming their way! – Gregg Johnson

15. 7 Ways Preteens learn – Chip Henderson 

16. Why Theology is So Important for Preteen Ministry – Matt Morgan

17. Using “The Story” to Help Preteens Understand Scripture’s Overarching Narrative – Mark Friestad

18. Social Media Strategies to Take Full Advantage of This Tremendous Tool - Corey Jones

19. Preteen Ministry is like owning a Hamster. No, Seriously. - Drew Crisp

20. I See You: Intentional Programs & Postures to Help Preteen Feel Seen & Heard - Paula Mazza

21. Getting Real About our Part in Preteens' Faith Development - Sean Sweet

22. 7 Choices That Will Change Your Life as a Leader - Craig Jutilla 

2016 Preteen Onference Recordings

22 Recordings


The Sessions: 

 Here are the 23 Sessions that we recorded from the "Onference". Watch recordings of all 23 amazing sessions by CLICKING HERE. 

1. How to Start a Preteen Ministry - Heather Dunn

2. How to Create Events that Preteens Want to Attend - Matt Morgan

3. How to Connect with Preteens Outside of Ministry Hours - Chip Henderson 

4. How to Make Journaling A Blast for Preteens - Gregg Johnson

5. How to Effectively Communicate with Parents - Mike Sheley 

6. How to Handle The Sweet Gift You've Been Given - Patrick Snow 

7. How to Make Your Events Big on Building Relationships…Not Just Big - Robert Quinn

8. How to Transition Students into Preteen Ministry - Mike Sheley

9. How to Have Fun in Preteen Ministry - J.C. Thompson

10. How to Get Preteens to Sing in Worship - Mark Friestad 

11. Panel Q and A - Hosted by Sean Sweet 

12. How to Bring What Happens On Sunday in the Church….to Monday in the Home. - Gregg Johnson 

13. How to Create a “COOL” Preteen Space - Matt Morgan 

14. How to Craft a Strategy that Works in Preteen Ministry - J.C. Thompson 

15. How to help Small Group Leaders Know They Are More than Chaos Control - Robert Quinn 

16. How to Help Preteens Fall in Love with God’s Word - Gregg Johnson 

17. How to Lead Peteen Ministry at a Small Churh - Heather Dunn

18. How to Get Preteens To Own Their Own Faith - Kara Powell

19. How to Bring Fun to Any Group of Preteens - Mike Shelley

20. How to Connect with Parents of Preteens - Matt Morgan 

21. How to Worship Beyond Music - Robert Quinn 

22. How to Teach Preteens about Sex - Chip Henderson 

23. How to Institute Change - Heather Dunn