Remember to CHEER

I recorded a podcast recently about throwing a Christmas party for your volunteer leaders.  As I was thinking of the most memorable Christmas parties of the past, I thought about the year we showed “Caine’s Arcade”.  There is something awesome that happens in this video, right around 07:50.  Here’s a screen shot that captures the moment:

Caine's Arcade

The joy, the LIFE, that is pictured here, is what we can bring preteens in our ministry when we do what the people in the video did for Caine.  They let go of the bike, and CHEERED for this preteen as he did something on his own.

As Caine did something of his own….as he became an owner of his life’s work, the adults in the video simply stood beside and CHEERED for him. And just look at the power that that had in this boy’s life.

There’s great power in cheering for the preteens in our lives, too.

We always talk here at FourFiveSix about “letting go and running alongside“, but I think there’s something else we can do to truly minister to preteens.  Maybe we should say it this way:

“Let go of the bike….run alongside…and CHEER

Cheer for the preteens as they own their faith. Cheer for the preteens as they discover how to worship on their own. Cheer for the preteens as they taste and see that the Lord is good for themselves.


(Somebody pointed out that there is a curse word in the video: it’s written on a computer screen during one of the photos of the social media. I thought I should point it out for your consideration if you decided to show this to your leaders or preteens.)