Siri Roulette

iPhone’s microphone feature creates an unexpected opportunity to encourage the people in your life, which you’ll hear about in our podcast today. Many thanks to Karl Bastian, Mr. Kidology himself, for this clever idea, which he shared on his podcast.

Even without an iPhone, the concepts shared in our podcast today will help you think about how you might build up ministry volunteers and other people in your life.

Have you heard all the big news about next week:

  • Chirst in Youth’s Patrick Snow is offering a free luncheon and training on The Bike in Sacramento, California on May 19th. Just contact C.I.Y. at 417-781-2273 to sign up.
  • THE MAP goes live on May 21st, God willing!
  • All the information about r2A will be announced next week as well! Woohoo!

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