Special Events for Preteens on Sunday Morning

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Today on the podcast, Sean discusses linking special events to your Sunday morning service rather than holding it on a Friday or Saturday.

When Sean first began in ministry they recognized that a Friend’s Day was a great opportunity to get preteens to bring their friends to church. They initially would hold something on Saturday night, like a bowling night or an event at a trampoline park. They thought that by holding the event on Saturday night the kid would spend the night and they would come back with their friend to church on Sunday. Unfortunately, there was limited impact and students would end up not returning on Sunday. Eventually they decided that it would be more beneficial to hold the event on the Sunday which would bring those preteens to the Sunday service. Initially the Friend’s Day would be held immediately after service and they would feed them pizza and then load a bus and go do something fun. More recently the events have been held in the morning before most facilities are open to the public so that it becomes an exclusive event for the preteens and then load the bus and return to the church for a regular service.

Here is an example of what a Friends’ Day Sunday schedule can look like: invitation

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