Have you experienced this? Preteens LOVE TO DANCE….yes, even the boys. If the dance moves are cool, that is. Imagine dancing like a robot while a strobe light flashes? Put those two together and look what you get: strobe + robot = STROBOT.

Today on the podcast, you’ll hear instructions on our version of the Strobot.

Warning: “For about 3 percent of people with epilepsy, exposure to flashing lights at certain intensities or to certain visual patterns can trigger seizures.” read more here

We started with:

  • The song “Strobot” by LZ7 from their Aftershow album
  • A strobe-light (you can get one fairly cheap at your local party supply store or by clicking here. Another option is to use your screens as a strobe light. Click here for that option.),
  • A way to turn the strobe off and on (a power strip with a switch will work fine)

We have the kids pick a spot (which becomes THEIR SPOT) in the front of the room to stand. Then we teach them the four sections of the song.


For the chorus, we do the dance moves from this video by LZ7 for the first half of the chorus and then move like a robot in random robot movements for the rest of the chorus.

Strobot 1


For the verses, the kids dance however they’d like and move away from their spot around the room. Fun silliness ensues.

Strobot 2


During the pre-chorus, everybody claps their hands to the beat and moves back to THEIR SPOT in the front the room.

Strobot 3


Right before the chorus, we get ready by freezing in a robot stance, with elbows out to the side and arms hanging down. Now we are ready to go back to the chorus and strobot again.

Strobot 4

The Strobot is SO MUCH FUN! And you can teach your preteens to do it in a jiffy! That’s what makes it today’s great idea!


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