Superhero Day Camp

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Today on the podcast, Sean and Makenna give details about this past summers’ day camp that had a successful “Superhero” theme.

The week started off with the preteens going through Superhero University to receive their super powers. The camp directors acted as professors for the preteens and handed out grades as the groups moved between the different activity stations. Each group of campers became their own superhero team with their own world. This was carried throughout the week as the preteens created comic books about their specific hero they thought up.

Makenna discusses how it was great to see the kids using their made up powers while they were on field trips at the pool and watching them be able to use their imagination all week. In addition to being professors, later in the week, the leaders also became villains. The week culminated with a giant evil fortress including minions and the main villain “Unusual Professor Dr. Inkblot Ed”.

The creation of the villain on the last day included a 2 hour activity with water balloons and squirt guns and a hidden villain that the groups worked together to destroy by gaining pieces to a bomb while completing tasks. Using smoke bombs the leaders set off inside the fortress right as the bomb went off, the villain was finally vanquished.

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