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Parents, Preteen Ministry, and a Homeland Generation

I sat down with Heather Dunn for a Free Ideas session a couple weeks ago. As is often the case with my 45 minute Free Ideas sessions, I had a hard time editing it down to a 4:56 video.

But rather than letting it take up space on my harddrive, I thought I would create a “bonus edition” or “cutting room floor” video. Enjoy as Heather and I talk about parents, preteen ministry, and a homeland generation.

Free Ideas: Heather Dunn

“Let’s talk about empowering parents.”

Free Ideas is a free video-call consultation and ideation session that becomes a 4:56 video on FourFiveSix.org. The purpose of “Free Ideas” is to provide preteen ministries with specific, contextual, and practical ideas and advice as well as to show all viewers simple transcontextual ideation strategies and techniques.

Free Ideas provides a contextual space to discuss and expand resources from the forthcoming FourFiveSix Resource Library as well as diversify the FourFiveSix blog medium. The name Free Ideas has two meanings, communicating both what the ideas cost (nothing) and what we want to do with ideas (set them free).

Sign up for your own Free Ideas session today.

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