The Donut Whodunit Mystery

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Today on the podcast, Sean speaks with Hannah Bush from Metropolitan Baptist in Houston Texas, about a mystery activity called the Donut Whodunit Mystery.

Hannah needed an activity for the Plug n Play time during Superstart!, and that is when the Donut Whodunit Mystery was born. It is a fun activity on a limited budget. It is set up kind of like a live game of Clue, and the leaders and staff act as the characters in the story. The preteens are the intelligence agency (the P.I.A.) sent out to solve the mystery. After performing tasks and receiving clues and profiles from the characters they were able to make accusations to the chief detective.

This is a simple activity that could take place just about anywhere. Click here to view all the instructional information if you would like to play the Donut Whodunit Mystery.

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