The Fifth Grade Helper Program: OVERVIEW

Discipleship of preteens includes a lot of different facets. Today’s idea is to implement a program which helps the preteens with just one of those facets: serving the church.

In this podcast, you’ll hear about the “Fifth Grade Helper” program. Clunky name, yes, but the preteens in Elevate like it. Haha. This is a program 12 years in the making, and it’s still developing and shifting.

Today, you’ll hear the 4 things that this discipleship program accomplishes, as well as some details as to the skills and concepts that the Fifth Grade Helpers are developing.

This podcast is JUST AN OVERVIEW of the program. If you have detailed questions, leave those below in the comment section or email them to

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4 thoughts on “The Fifth Grade Helper Program: OVERVIEW

  1. Hey Laura,

    Thanks for asking. We have two services on Sunday morning. Our first service is our discipleship class. We call it “StepUp Adventure”. There are different levels of adventures. All kids start in level 1…once they’ve completed enough level 1 adventures, they are eligible to take level 2 adventures. When they have completed enough level 2 adventures, then they are eligible for level 3 adventures…Fifth Grade Helpers is a level 3 adventure.

    All three levels are happening at the same time during first service with different “trail guides” (teachers). That’s when training for fifth grade helpers takes place.

    Before, when our church only had one service, we met every other week before service. For a few years, we also met between the two services.

    Hope that helps!

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