The Upfront Game Dilemma

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Sometimes, an upfront game at the beginning of service can be just the ticket to help preteens transition from the excitement of pre-service to focusing on the teacher.

However, a typical upfront games only involve a few students. If everybody is playing, it typically lacks the same transition power as when you have a few students up front who everybody else is focused on watching.

What to do? How do we take full advantage of the transition power of an upfront game, but at the same time involve everybody? Also, it would be nice to avoid having to pick students?

Today’s podcast presents an idea to resolve all this: it’s “Big to Small” Upfront Games. Listen to the podcast to see how this idea works.

This is an idea that we’ve included in some of the Deeply Rooted curriculum. You can see an example of this when you get your free copy of the Slime Event.

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