When The Preteens Are Crazy

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Today on the podcast, Sean gives details on classroom management versus discipline. Two very different and highly important elements for a successful preteen ministry.

Discipline is a way of helping the preteens grow. Discipline comes from the root word “Disciple”, which means: “to teach.”

On the other hand, Classroom Management, like sending a kid out of the room for being disruptive, is not teaching them much of anything or showing concern for their development.

With Classroom Management, you are simply communicating to preteens that their current behavior is not acceptable. Classroom management is ok but it needs to be combined with discipline.

Both means are good, and both are important. A ministry to preteens will not be as effective if it has one without the other one. Classroom management by itself does not lead to growth for the preteens. It is not leading to a heart change; it is only bringing about a shallow surface change. Using both combined will lead to a better ministry environment with heart changes for your preteens.

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