Where to Look?


This video is part of a new 4-week series of lessons called “Where 2 Look”. This particular lesson guides preteens to consider where they look for strength.

As I watched the final draft of this video, I got choked up remembering some of the experiences and feelings I had as a preteen. It was the first time I really felt the weight of decision-making and saw the consequences of my actions. For preteens, it all starts with a question that everyone asks themselves in one way or another: “Where do I look?”

Too often, preteens are having this discussion in their own heads, and not with anybody else. Finding ways to ask preteens this question and to bring the discussion “into the light” can really help them to evaluate their answers and consider whether they are living in a way that truly reflects who they are as a child of God.

We built a whole series around the concept, but it’s something to ask preteens often. Where do they look? Is it producing fear or strength? Is it producing wise choices or foolish ones? It is congruent with who they see themselves to be?