Yes! Preteen Boys WILL Sing!

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On today’s podcast, Sean gives a simple idea for engaging everybody (including the boys) in worship: GIVE THEM A REASON TO WORSHIP!

There are ways of setting up your services so that everybody responds authentically and of their own volition in true worship. In the Bible, we see that people always worship for a reason. For example, God reveals a glorious truth about himself to David, and David responds in a worship song.

Or, in Exodus 15, we read about the worship song of the Moses and the Israelites. Why are they worshipping? Well, God just drown the entire Egyptian army right before their eyes and delivered them from captivity. That makes my heart sing, too!

The preteen boys and girls in your ministry WILL worship God. They just need a good reason to do so. Part of our job as their ministry leader is to give them all sorts of reasons, instead of just expecting that they will because “it’s what Christians do.”

We want to help equip you to lead all your preteens into authentic expressions of singing worship. That’s why we created the 100% series, part of the Green Valley Quarter of the Deeply Rooted Curriculum.

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