Nerf Wars

An event that’s super easy, super fun, and super free! How many battle stories can you think of in the Bible? How many spiritual battles will preteens face as they get older? How much fun would it be to shoot all of your preteens with a Nerf Gun?

Attend a Conference

A conference can be such a great experience for ministry leaders. You have the opportunity to rub shoulders with like-minded people, get new ideas for your ministry, refresh and renew your vision for what God is calling you to do, etc. etc. etc. etc. The benefits of a good conference can be GIGANTIC! So, today’s great idea is to plan to attend one next year and start pitching the idea now to your board and senior pastor.

Take it Outside!

Week after week, the preteens come into your classroom setting. And while predictability and stability minister to preteens, the consistency of how your services are structured may become boring or may be causing your services to be forgotten (because they’re all so similar).