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Why do you exist?

You probably have at least a vague sense of why your preteen ministry exists, and why you are in ministry. But, as today’s podcast points out, defining that “Driving Purpose” with greater focus will benefit your ministry in HUGE ways! Here are two resources

Do the Preteens Know Why Your Ministry Exists? And Why They’re There?

You have a mission statement? WONDERFUL. But do you preteens know it? Do they know why your ministry exists and why they are coming each week? Today, Sean shares how Elevate Preteen Ministry communicates their mission statement with the preteens in their ministry…to the point where the preteens are saying it back to the leaders, and even, on their own, creating artwork (like the one pictured above) that communicates the mission statement.

Taking a “Field Trip”

One of the best ways to learn how to do preteen ministry better is by seeing what others are doing. We are all figuring this thing out – so why not figure it out together? On today’s podcast, Sean talks about some tips and tools when it comes to learning from others…